"The decision to move to Watermere has proven to be a very positive experience for us. Having lived in a similar quality community in Atlanta, we had specific "wants" in mind while searching for a home in the Dallas area; Watermere fulfilled those requirements.  In addition to all the amenities that make daily living more relaxed and enjoyable in independent living, from prior personal experience we realized that on-site extended care is an invaluable asset".

Suzanne Powell

"Watermere is a great place to spend your golden years.  It is as quiet as you like or as busy as you want to be. There are all kinds of great activities, swimming, golfing, playing cards and so many more entertaining things to do. All the homeowners are friendly and anxious to welcome new people.  The employees are only too happy to help in any way they can".

Barbara Maberry


"I have been a widow for many years and when my kids left the house I was then living by myself. So now I love the fact that I no longer have to eat alone. There is always someone in the dining room I can join.  I no longer have to cook or decide what to cook.  I am still working so I miss out on all the activities that are planned during the day. But when it is time for dinner, I eat in the dining room and I get to visit and laugh alot. I love the fact that I do not have to worry about the yard, the pool the roof or repainting.  I love the fact that when I travel I walk out of the door and I do not worry about my place. Guess to sum it up I really do enjoy living at Watermere".

Cloetta Keene

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