Life is Great in the Lone Star State

Research Confirms...
Texas is one of the best places to live in America!

With more than 267,000 square miles of wide open spaces, Texas offers warm weather, magnificent scenery, and friendly people. Beaches, rivers, mountains and other exciting vacation spots are just a short drive away. And because Texas is conveniently situated in the central United States, travel to more remote destinations is also quick and easy.

In Texas, there is something for everyone. For beachgoers, there’s the state's 624 miles of Gulf Coast shoreline. For those who prefer to stay inland, there are more than 900 golf courses, 30 national and state parks, historic sites and natural areas, as well as an abundance of world-class theme parks, water parks, zoos, and campgrounds.


“Everything’s bigger in Texas…Everything EXCEPT the tax burden and the cost of living!”

Texas, the fourth most affordable state in the country, enjoys the luxury of no corporate, inheritance or personal income tax, affording it one of the lowest state and local tax burdens in the nation.


Tax Foundation research shows that for 2009, Texas had the 45th lowest total state and local tax burden as a percentage of income.

Your dollar goes a lot further if you live in Texas…

According to Newsweek Magazine, the cost of living in Texas is about 12% the national average. Texas’ low cost of living, reasonable home pricing, and steady job markets across many of its cities, has given Texas an edge in recent years over many other states, allowing for growth in the Texas real estate market. Texas’s affordable living has been the primary draw for new master-planned, age-restricted communities choosing to plant their roots in the rich Texas soil, rather than lay seed in pricier destinations such as California, Arizona, South Carolina and Florida.



The composite index in cost of living shows that Texas has the lowest cost of living in the nation compared to other states.


Home prices in Texas run well below the national average…

A home with a market value of $350,000 in Texas would cost $2,847,000 in Boston, Massachusetts! Property taxes are also well below the national average at $23 per $1,000. The combination of affordable homes and a strong job market has helped to make Texas one of the most desirable places to live in America.

According to the Coldwell Banker Real Estate…


A home valued at $350,000 near Dallas, TX can be expected to cost approximately:

$612,000                     in Scottsdale, AZ

$463,000                     in Orlando, FL

$1,112,000                  in Chicago, IL

A home valued at $350,000 near San Antonio, TX can be expected to cost approximately:

$426,000                    in Phoenix, AZ

$525,000                    in Orlando, FL

$618,000                   in Sacramento, CA

A home valued at $350,000 near Lubbock, TX can be expected to cost approximately:

$1,428,000                   in San Diego, CA

$851,000                      in Orlando, FL

$2,847,000                  in Boston, MA


Some of the very best Medical Care in the nation can be found in Texas…

Texas is also home to some of the nation’s leading health care providers. In the “Best Hospitals 2006” article by U.S. News and World Report, Texas proudly boasts 15 of the top medical centers in America including the MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston, The University of Texas Medical Center in San Antonio, University Medical Center in Lubbock, and Baylor University Medical Center and Parkland Memorial Hospital both in Dallas. Among these top medical centers are two of the three top rated military medical centers in the Nation, Wilford Hall Air Force Medical Center and Brook Army Medical Center both in San Antonio.

Texas… your gateway to the world!

With some of the largest international airports in the nation, there are daily, direct, non-stop flights to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America just minutes from your doorstep!

Texas… Home of World and National Champion Professional and Intercollegiate sports teams.

Texas is home intercollegiate and professional sports teams such as the World Champion Dallas Cowboys, NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets, the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Astros, the Dallas Stars, the University of Texas Longhorns, Texas Tech Red Raiders, and Texas A&M Aggies. In addition, Texas plays host to a number of the top PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA golf tournaments in the America.

What’s even more special about Texas?

Texans take great pride in their heritage, embracing both what is new and the traditions from their past. From the Native Americans who once roamed the Texas plains, to the men for whom Texas’s cities are named, Texans have always enjoyed a rich multi-cultural history, celebrating and welcoming the diversity between its people. Texas has been and still is the gateway to the world. It really is like some people say…

Everything IS bigger in Texas… Especially the heart of its people.

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